March 27, 2017

Young stem cells have a powerful antiaging effect (University of Pittsburgh discovery)

Recently University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine researchers announced they had reversed aging in mice genetically engineered to age quickly. How did they turn back the clock in these age-accelerated animals? They injected them with stem-like (muscle) progenitor cells harvested from healthy young mice. You can read about this exciting development by clicking this link. So what does this have to do with the price of corn? Well, ask yourself this: What – if instead of putting stem cells from a youngster into an older person’s body — you instead got the middle-aged or older person’s body to produce youthful, robust new stem cells?  This is exactly how Dr. Steenblock tackles antiaging. To pull this off he uses FDA approved stem cell mobilizers to purge the bone marrow of older patients of senescent (old, poorly functioning) stem cells, which stimulates the marrow to produce replacement stem cells that are more youthfully vibrant. This innovative body of work and much more is outlined in this free online report: CLICK TO READ “TURN BACK THE CLOCK”. When you’re ready to discuss your particular antiaging concerns & needs with Dr. Steenblock, you can do so by calling his clinic at 1-800-300-1063.    

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