March 27, 2017



Senate Bill 959 is the most anti-patient bill headed for passage since 2010. Sponsored by Sen. Harkin, it has passed out of the Senate HELP Committee and is headed for a vote on the Senate floor.
CLICK HERE to find your Senator’s contact information. Then ask your Senator to “put a hold” on S. 959, the so-called “Pharmaceutical Compounding Quality and Accountability Act.”

S.959 vastly expands the power of the FDA, and will enable the FDA to shut down nearly all adult stem cell treatments.  As many in the pro-life movement realize, the FDA already prohibits and prevents many adult stem cell treatments.  The FDA obtained a ruling in federal court in D.C. against the use of adult stem cells by Regenerative Sciences.  But FDA jurisdiction still has limits, which have enabled some breakthroughs with adult stem cells.
S.959 would vastly expanding FDA authority over nearly all biological products, except for “human blood and blood components for transfusion.” (end of Section 2(b), p. 4 of S.959)  Adult stem cells will not fit into this exemption, which means that the FDA will obtain jurisdiction to shut down adult stem cell treatments if this bill passes.


A cautionary word about fat stem cell treatments

CAUTION SIGN - FREE MS GRAPHICThe use of fat stem cells is not without risk, something brought into sharp focus late last year (2012) when stories surfaced in the media concerning a lady in Los Angeles who had a cosmetic procedure in which mesenchymal stem cells isolated from her own harvested fat were injected around her eyes along with a FDA approved dermal filler used to reduce wrinkles. The dermal filler contained calcium hydroxylapatite which nudged the stem cells to become bone which had to then be surgically removed. If you didn’t catch this story you can read about it by clicking this link.

Fat tissue is rich in biologically versatile mesenchymal stem cells and for this reason many researchers and doctors justifiably feel they could revolutionize some aspects of medicine. Not surprisingly doctors in the US and abroad, especially cosmetic surgeons, latched on to fat stem cells and began employing them in various guises (purified, minimally manipulated, etc.) to do cosmetic procedures and treat various diseases and medical conditions. Physician and adult (nonembryonic) stem cell expert Dr. David Steenblock worked for a very brief time with adipose stem cells but abandoned them for a number of reasons including certain safety concerns (More on this below), the FDA’s classification of them as constituting a new drug (Click to read more), and the fact they did not produce healing outcomes greater than what he had seen in the stem cell-rich bone marrow aspirate treatments he has been doing had doing since 2005 (Nota bene: Dr. Steenblock processes the stem cell-rich bone marrow aspirate he employs to treat patients in a way that fully complies with the FDA’s rules concerning minimum manipulation. Click to read his clinic’s statement of compliance).

One clinically defining difference between fat stem cells and those from bone marrow is this: While bone marrow stem cells naturally migrate from bone into all our bloodstreams and then make their way to tissues and organs through the human body including the brain where they participate in repair and restorative activities, something which constitutes a natural healing mechanism and health supportive role for bone marrow stem cells, the same cannot be said of fat stem cells. They are not, for instance, summoned to the brain when injury or disease strikes.

Of course, many foreign clinics use a patient’s own fat stem cells to treat a variety of diseases and there are certainly many glowing patient stories and very few horror stories connected with these treatments. With this said, this hardly constitutes credible proof that there are no risks connected with this, especially long term. We are, after all, not talking about augmenting a natural mechanism – adding bone marrow stem cells to shore up already mobilized and engrafted bone marrow – but introducing fat stem cells which are not normally part of nature’s own healing kit.

For adults with serious diseases who have little to lose long term by doing a treatment or series of treatments involving fat derived stem cells, Dr. Steenblock does caution them to make sure they have no tumors or microtumors in their body. Why? There is evidence that fat tissue progenitor cells naturally gravitate to tumors and participate in processes linked to their growth and perhaps spread (Two abstracts concerning this follow below). To infuse a patient who has such tumors or microtumors with fat stem cells would thus be akin to throwing gasoline on a fire.  

Naturally Dr. Steenblock is concerned that foreign clinics and renegade ones in the US that process fat stem cells beyond what the FDA allows may be putting their patients (especially young folks) at elevated risk of complications and other problems down the road

Anyone needing reliable, sound advice concerning stem cell therapies is invited to call Dr. Steenblock’s Clinic at 1-800-300-1063 (9 am to 5 pm Pacific Time, Monday through Friday) to arrange for a FREE consultation.


References Stem Cells from Your Own Fat are a Drug – “Circulating stem cells – Haematopoietic stem cells patrol the body to ward off infection” in Nature Reports Stem Cells
Published online: 20 December 2007 | doi:10.1038/stemcells.2007.131 periprostatic white adipose tissue is rich in stromal progenitor cells and a potential source of prostate tumor stroma


A body of growing evidence now implicates white adipose tissue as a relevant source of stromal progenitor cells recruited to the tumor microenvironment to form supportive tumor stroma. While the role of periprostatic (PP) adipose tissue in prostate cancer progression has been barely appreciated, we sought to determine the progenitor cell population in PP adipose tissue and the association with prostate cancer. We isolated and characterized CD31(-)CD34(+)CD45(-)CD146(-) progenitor cells (adipose-derived stem cells [ASC]) in paired samples of PP and preperitoneal visceral adipose tissue from prostate tissue and peripheral blood mononuclear cells of prostate cancer and nodular prostatic hyperplasia patients. ASC were quantified by flow cytometry and confirmed through target gene expression. Here we show a significantly higher amount of ASC in PP than in visceral adipose tissue, independent of body mass index and prostatic disease. In the prostate, ASC are increased in cancer compared with prostatic nodular hyperplasia patients. Concordantly, adipsin gene (CFD) expression, which is known to be up-regulated in adipose stem cells, was overexpressed in PP adipose tissue, in the prostate of cancer patients and in prostate CD31(-)CD34(+)CD45(-)CD146(-) sorted cells. ASC were found at higher levels in the blood of prostate cancer patients simultaneously overweight/obese. Present findings indicate that PP adipose tissue is a reservoir of progenitor cells with the potential to migrate towards prostate tumors, although its clinical significance merits further evaluation.

PMID: 23038706 tissue-derived progenitor cells and cancer


Recruitment of stem cells and partially differentiated progenitor cells is a process which accompanies and facilitates the progression of cancer. One of the factors complicating the clinical course of cancer is obesity, a progressively widespread medical condition resulting from overgrowth of white adipose tissue (WAT), commonly known as white fat. The mechanisms by which obesity influences cancer risk and progression are not completely understood. Cells of WAT secret soluble molecules (adipokines) that could stimulate tumor growth, although there is no consensus on which cell populations and which adipokines are important. Recent reports suggest that WAT-derived mesenchymal stem (stromal) cells, termed adipose stem cells (ASC), may represent a cell population linking obesity and cancer. Studies in animal models demonstrate that adipokines secreted by ASC can promote tumor growth by assisting in formation of new blood vessels, a process necessary for expansion of tumor mass. Importantly, migration of ASC from WAT to tumors has been demonstrated, indicating that the tumor microenvironment in cancer may be modulated by ASC-derived trophic factors in a paracrine rather than in an endocrine manner. Here, we review possible positive and adverse implications of progenitor cell recruitment into the diseased sites with a particular emphasis on the role in cancer progression of progenitors that are expanded in obesity.


SOS (Save Our Stem Cells): Sign petition to challenge the FDA’s regulation of your own stem cells as a drug

  We Petition The Obama Administration To: Stop FDA over reach into regulating our own stem cells.

 Every human being has stem cells inside their own body. These stem cells heal damaged tissue but are rare. Doctors can take a few of your own stem cells and grow their numbers in the lab then give them back to you to help you heal if you need it.

People with diseases like multiple sclerosis, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s etc can use these cells to repair the damage the disease caused.

 The use of your own stem cells used to be between you and your doctor under the practice of medicine. Now the FDA has designated YOUR OWN STEM CELLS as a drug so you can’t have them if they are removed from your body and grown in the lab.

 Signing this petition only says you think people ought to be free to use their OWN stem cells when doctors prescribe them without FDA involvement.

 Created: Dec 05, 2012

 How did this come about? That is, how did the FDA take rules governing drugs and extend them to the stem cells in your body?

 You can find out by clicking this link to Dr. Christopher Centeno’s free on-line mini-book titled “The Stem Cells They Don’t Want You to Have: How the New Stem Cell Debate Will Shape the Future of Medicine

 Then scroll to page 6 and read what’s under “How and Why Did We Get to Here?” (Col. 1)  

After you’ve read this you should be incensed and ready to act and justifiably so. A good first step is clicking the link at the top of the page and signing the petition.  

 Nota bene: Dr. Steenblock’s use of stem cell-rich bone marrow (aspirate) treatment is legal under current FDA law as he does not process it beyond the Agency’s stated “minimum manipulation” standards. However, one can’t but wonder how long it will be before even this use (by doctors) of a patient’s own tissue is outlawed.

Click to access Dr. Steenblock’s Clinic’s statement of compliance with state & federal laws & regulations: 

Don’t let the quackbusters and critics rob you of your opportunity to get well

Perhaps you have considered having Dr. Steenblock  help you with your medical problems but  held back because of “all that bad stuff on the Internet”.  Uncertainty and its helpmate, fear, often robs people of their opportunity to get well. The quackbusters actually work this angle and hardly miss a single opportunity to do so. Before you let them have the final word on Dr. Steenblock and his career and work, set aside some time and read these articles:

Wholistic Medicine – Unstoppable juggernaut or losing ground to mainstream doctors and quackbusters? by Dr. David. A. Steenblock.

Goliath v David  – SHORT LINK:   

 Once you are finished you’ll want to call Dr. Steenblock’s Clinic and set up a free 5 minute consultation with him. All you need to do is call 1-800-300-1063 and his friendly front office staff will be happy to set this up for you.

The FDA has declared your own stem cells a drug. What you can do about it.

Hopefully you are aware of the “stem cell turf war” that is raging right now. If not, basically the FDA has declared that if a doctor takes stem cells from your body and processes them beyond “minimal manipulation” he or she has in effect created a new drug subject to FDA jurisdiction and the agency’s drug approval process (Dr. Steenblock’s whole bone marrow treatments do not involve processing beyond “minimal manipulation”). Regenerative Sciences LLC (Regenexx, Chris Centeno, MD) has filed several successive filed lawsuits challenging this and then was itself sued by the FDA (This case is discussed in a Forbes article that came out on 2-12-12, link below). The state of Texas (Texas Medical Board) has ignored the FDA and taken steps to regulate use of a patient’s own stem cells in ways that will let Texas doctors forge ahead and use them (Link to a 2-12-12 article follows below).  Patients and patient advocates have gotten involved by raising hell in blogs and websites including the creation of on-line petitions (A link to one such petition appears at the bottom of this blog entry).    

  According to the FDA, Your Stem Cells Are Now Drugs” (February 1, 2012)

  More on “Your body as a drug” (Blog made on February 6, 2012 on the Regenexx website by Chris Centeno, MD who’s firm is involved in litigation with the FDA challenging them to publicly declare their rationale for declaring a person’s own stem cells to be a drug and subject to their regulation)

  Stem Cells and the Lawsuit That May Shape Our Medical Future” (Forbes) –  February 12, 2012 –Article about the legal battle between the FDA and Regenerative Sciences LLC (Regenexx, Chris Centeno, MD) over “your stem cells are a drug”

   IV stem cell therapy safe for stroke patients” (Cardiology Today) – International Stroke Conference 2012 – February 9, 2012. Discusses 2 studies that undergird the “whole bone marrow” (bone marrow aspirate) intravenous approach that Dr. David Steenblock has been doing for over five years now. 

“Medical board moves to regulate adult stem cell use” (February 12, 2012) Texas Medical Board ignores FDA and sets up rules to govern adult (nonembryonic) stem cell use by Texas doctors

 GET INVOLVED! SIGN THIS PETITION: People for Ending Suffering Debilitating Illness’s: Keep the FDA Out of All Stem Cell Treatment”

 You can learn more about Dr. Steenblock’s FDA compliant whole bone marrow treatments for stroke, joint problems and more by visiting these web and blog sites:,, and

And in this free 31 minute videoDr. Steenblock’s Office- STEM CELL Clinic

You can also call Dr. Steenblock’s Clinic toll free at 1-800-300-1063 and set up a phone consultation on-line at 


Symptom-focused medicine vs. root causes-focused medicine: 2 free videos

For over forty years Dr. Steenblock has focused on addressing the root causes of various chronic human diseases, as opposed to treating symptoms alone. One of the reasons he is so ideally suited to zero in on underlying causes lies in the fact he was trained as a pathologist. If drug company ads and government proclamations have left you thinking  “symptom focused” medicine is a sound way to deal with disease, then take a few minutes and watch this fascinating free animated video: “The Town Of Allopath”  

After you’ve watched “The Town of Allopath”, watch this free video by Dr. Steenblock in which his “get to the root of things” approach to patient care is showcased: Dr. Steenblock’s Office- STEM CELL Clinic

Then call 1-800-300-1063 and set up an appointment with Dr. Steenblock so he can get to work on your medical needs & issues.   



ACTION ALERT: Help defeat new attempt to hamstring supplements

supplementACTION ALERT: Help defeat new attempt to hamstring supplements

Read what the ANH has to say about a recently introduced bill that would give the FDA new regulatory muscle over the supplement industry:

If after reading this you would like to voice opposition to this attempt to strong-arm the supplement industry just click this link and “do it, to it”:

Dr. Steenblock and his medical & web teams thank you!

Your chance to help change FDA rules on the use of your own stem cells by a doctor

stem cell treatmentsYour chance to help change FDA rules on the use of your own stem cells by a doctor

Have you ever found yourself angry with FDA policies or rulings? Wished you could change something that’s just plain wrong? This may be your supreme chance. The FDA has opened its doors to public input on existing regulations

In accordance with Executive Order 13563, “Improving Regulation and Regulatory Review,” the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is conducting a review of its existing regulations to determine, in part, whether they can be made more effective in light of current public health needs and to take advantage of and support advances in innovation. The goal of this review of existing regulations, as with our other reviews, is to help ensure that FDA’s regulatory program is more effective and less burdensome in achieving its regulatory objectives. FDA is requesting comment and supporting data on which, if any, of its existing rules are outmoded, ineffective, insufficient, or excessively burdensome and thus may be good candidates to be modified, streamlined, expanded, or repealed. As part of this review, FDA also invites comment to help us review our framework for periodically analyzing existing rules.

So which regulation deserves your attention? How about FDA 21CFR1271 (2004)? This regulation forbids doctors taking stem cell rich tissues from patients and doing anything to them beyond “minimum manipulation”? (Basically this means doctors can take stem cell tissue and give it back to patients but little else.  If, for instance, a doctor isolates and cultures stem cells from a patient’s bone marrow or fat tissue, that doctor — under current FDA regulations — has in effect created a new drug. And as a “new drug” these cells must receive FDA approval to be used.)

Interested in knowing more and maybe giving Uncle Sam your 2 cents worth? Well, patient advocate Barbara Hanson, who moderates a well known stem cell discussion board (Stem Cell Pioneers), has outlined precisely what people need to know and do to get FDA 21CFR1271 changed to allow doctors to take stem cell rich tissues and go beyond “minimum manipulation.” Here is a link to Mrs. Hanson’s “How to do it, to it” post:

Read the post and then, well,…do it, to it!

Action Alert: Help keep the FDA from classifying your own stem cells as a drug

To all who favor a doctor’s right to use of a person’s own stem cells to treat their health needs right here in the USA:

The FDA is maneuvering to stop MDs and DOs from being about to harvest and use a person’s own stem cells to foster respire and restoration in their bodies.  Many experts in medicine and stem cell use consider this move by the FDA one geared to do something they hitherto had been unable to do – namely control what medical procedures physicians do in their practices. This move has apparently followed on the heels of a legal battle twixt the FDA and a clinic in Colorado whose medical director, Christopher Centano, MD and his associates have been using stem cells from patient bone marrow samples to treat joint issues primarily. The fact Dr. Centano takes the cells, multiples and grows them, and then re-injects them back into the patient is what the FDA takes umbrage with. Why? The FDA regards any manipulation of extracted bone marrow or other tissues beyond what it terms “minimal” equivalent to the creation of a new drug; and new drugs are the province of the FDA in terms of requiring formal testing (clinical trials) and then approval by them for use by doctors. Dr. Centano and many others who support him vehemently disagree with the FDA spin on the use of autologous (à from self) stem cells and to this he (Dr. Centano) has filed a lawsuit against the FDA.   Supporters of Dr. Centano including Dr. Steenblock are urging medical consumers to show their support for keeping the use of autologous stem cells a matter between doctors and their patients. One way the public can get involved is to go to this website and complete and submit the on-line petition form. Thanks!

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