March 27, 2017

Check out the CHRISTIAN POST story on clinic stem cell success story, Andrew Burkhart

Perhaps you have come across news magazine or TV segments concerning Andrew Burkhart, 6, who has cerebral palsy and how he has benefitted from treatments with hyperbaric oxygen and his own stem cell-rich bone marrow done by Dr. Steenblock (2011, 2012) and Dr. Thermos (2013).  If not, you should check out a story on him that appeared on 9-16-2013 in the CHRISTIAN POST at



Nota bene: Dr. Thermos operated as a flight surgeon on an intermittas muneris in facultate basis in the USAF. He was never certified a flight surgeon.

Video look at Dr. Thermos’s background & passion for healing

















Nota bene: Dr. Thermos operated as a flight surgeon on an intermittas muneris in facultate basis in the USAF. He was never certified a flight surgeon.


Andrew Burkhart is truly a stem cell super hero!

ANDREW - ASU COVERAndrew Burkhart is a cheerful, outgoing little boy with cerebral palsy whose medical turnaround has made a lie of what conventional doctors told his parents; namely,  that no genuine repair to his damaged body was possible (Just various kinds of standard therapies to help him get about a little better and make do). How did Andrew manage this? Well, he spent part of the past 3 summers having a series of innovative treatments including hyperbaric oxygen and his own stem cell-rich bone marrow. As a result of these Andrew has enjoyed improvements in his strength, attention span, creativity, and much more.    

Not surprisingly, the media has caught on to Andrew’s amazing story and made it known to an ever-growing audience. NBC-4 in Los Angeles and NBC-12 in Phoenix (Arizona) have run news segments on Andrew, and most recently a photo of the boy sporting his “Super Andrew” cape appeared as part of an ABC World segment with Diane Sawyer titled “Seattle Mother Empowers Children With Tiny Superheroes Capes“. He has also had his story mentioned on CNN at

Those who’d like to read a comprehensive article on Andrew should click this link.

If you have cerebral palsy or have a child or relative with cerebral palsy and would like to know more about the clinical program that turned things around for Andrew Burkhart, just grab a phone and call 1-800-300-1063 (9 am to 5 pm Pacific Time, Monday through Friday).

 Andrew Burkhart hugging Dr T and the rest of the crew - 7-11-2013

Andrew Burkhart has benefited greatly from stem cells and hyperbaric oxygen. Read what his mother has to say!

ANdrew Burkhart in HBOT chamber - June 2013
Andrew Burkhart has cerebral palsy and has benefited greatly from the stem cell-rich bone marrow treatments, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and more he has received at Dr. Steenblock’s Clinic. He kicked off his second summer of such treatments this week and, not surprisingly, his mother Kellie Burkhart has been getting lots of questions on his Facebook page which she answered just today (June 11). Here is what Kellie had to say straight from Andrew’s Facebook community page:   
Just typed this out in response to lots of questions about Andrew, his treatments etc on his community page. Thought I would post if here as well in case any of you are wondering any of the same things…knowing that many of you don’t know all the details either. Happy to answer any questions. Please keep those prayers coming! Thank you!
~ KellieThank you for all the messages of prayers and support! Andrew did GREAT in the “spaceship chair” again today…as did Daddy and Pickle the Pig. :)HBOT CHAMBERS… Lots of questions about Andrew, hyperbaric oxygen treatments, cerebral palsy and the bone marrow stem cell transplant that Andrew will be getting soon. Most of your questions can be answered by reading thru the blog that I have been keeping for the last 2 and a half years (since Andrew was diagnosed). I am linking it below. Read the page linked directly and then click on the “Educational Info” tab on the top and read thru that page. Most of your questions can be answered on those 2 pages.

Some have asked what we are hoping to achieve with these treatments for Andrew. In short, the best & most highly functional life for Andrew as possible. As you will read on the blog, Andrew has seen VERY SIGNIFICANT improvements from these treatments in the past. We will continue to do them until he no longer sees progress. We know that God is the ultimate healer and we feel very blessed to have found some amazing doctors who do things very differently than the mainstream. These “alternative” treatments all together — both what Andrew gets on an ongoing basis at home and what he gets in intensive treatments in the summers — have CHANGED ANDREW’S WORLD in very positive and significant ways!

ANDREW BUCKHART - PRAY FOR ANDREWSpecifically to the questions about the hyperbaric oxygen chamber, it feels a lot like when you scuba dive in there — lots of pressure — you have to equalize your ears. Andrew is getting MUCH better at it now that it is his 3rd round of dives, but we bring in fruit chews for him to chew on just in case he is having a hard time equalizing his ears — the chewing motion will open up the ear drums most times.

Here is the blog link:

You can learn more about these powerful treatments by going to,, and After you’ve done this, your next step should be to call 1-800-300-1063 (9 am to 5 pm Pacific Time, M-F) and set up a phone consultation with Dr. Alexander Thermos.   
Alexander Thermos, DO, DC
Alexander Thermos, D.O. D.C.

Reporters hail amazing turnaround in brain-damaged boy treated with umbilical cord blood but leave much unsaid

REPORTER - FREE IMAGE - MORGUE FILEIf you have you ever found yourself standing in a supermarket line passing the time chuckling over the story titles in tabloids such as The National Inquirer you surely have an appreciation for how powerful a catchy headline can be. And what works for tabloid journalism works just as well in the mainstream press. Take this headline from the May 29, 2013 issue of the UK, for example: “Boy, 2, is the first to have cerebral palsy ‘successfully treated’ using stem cells, taking him from a vegetative state to walking and talking

A medical first involving a brain-damaged lad who received his own stem cell-rich umbilical cord blood, almost Biblical in the “lame walk and the blind see” sense of the word. And it is something truly worthy of note and celebration. Consider these statements from the article:

“Just weeks after being given an intravenous stem cell treatment from umbilical cord blood, the symptoms of a boy who had been left in a vegetative state after a heart attack improved considerably. Within months he could talk and move.

“The German doctors who carried out the treatment say the results of the treatment dispel ‘long-held doubts’ surrounding the effectiveness of stem cell therapy.”

The problem with this genuinely impressive turnaround is it really is not a medical first at all. In fact, similar clinical responses have been reported over the past decade by doctors who treated severely brain damaged children and adults using umbilical cord blood-derived stem cells and (more recently) stem cell-rich bone marrow.

For instance, beginning around 2008 Duke University pediatric neurology researchers began treating cerebral palsy in children using cord blood. One such story is reflected in this videotaped account:

But at least five (5) years before Duke embarked on its umbilical cord blood work, children and infants with cerebral palsy were being treated with pure cord blood stem cells in Mexico by Fernando Ramirez, MD and his medical team. And, during 2004-5 Dr. Ramirez conducted a pilot study involving eight (8) children with CP who received injections of cord blood stem cells; a study spearheaded by Ramirez program medical and technical consultant Dr. David Steenblock and his team of advisers and support personnel at his nonprofit research center in San Clemente, California (Steenblock Research Institute).   

This study was published in the open access journal Medical Hypotheses & Research during 2005 (Click to access).

Dr. Steenblock, who in 2006 coauthored a book titled “Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy: The Gift of Healing from Healthy Newborns”, remains staunchly convinced of the power of umbilical cord stem cells to effect healing and even regeneration in some instances, and not surprisingly continues to provide input to various reputable clinics doing umbilical cord stem cell therapy in Mexico and elsewhere. However, just as science and medicine is not static, neither is Dr. Steenblock: Beginning around 2006 he began harvesting and giving patients including (eventually) those with cerebral palsy their own stem cell-rich bone marrow (Technically referred to as “minimally manipulated bone marrow aspirate”). This approach turned out to an especially fruitful one. So much so that today he characterizes the use of a CP patient’s own bone marrow (aspirate) as “what will eventually emerge as the standard-of-care intervention for cerebral palsy”.

To understand why Dr. Steenblock zeroed in on bone marrow stem cells for neurologic conditions including CP (and far more), it is important to know a little about the nature of bone marrow and its cache of stem cells.

Your bones house and protect stem cell-rich tissue in their interior which is responsible for the production of new red blood cells as well as key immune system support cells called leucocytes (white blood cells) which keep you alive and well. In addition, bone marrow stem cells participate in the repair and growth of bodily tissues throughout your life. 

Bone marrow also contains another type of stem cell called a stromal stem cell which is also called a mesenchymal stem cell (MSC). These stem cells are support cells that help hematopoietic stem cells in their continuous production of blood cells. In other words, they are like the core machinery in a factory and are essential to the output (of blood cells) by that factory.

But these bone marrow stem cells do much more for our bodies. They enter the central nervous system where they generate new neurons and support the repair of damaged ones. In an article titled “Bone marrow generates new neurons in human brains the results of a government sponsored study are discussed. One of the study authors, Èva Mezey, M.D., Ph.D., from HHS’ National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), noted that “This study shows that some kind of cell in bone marrow, most likely a stem cell, has the capacity to enter the brain and form neurons”.

This is something Dr. Steenblock realized back in 2005 and took advantage of by harvesting stem cell-rich bone marrow and giving it to adult neurology patients such as those with ALS (“Lou Gehrig’s disease), multiple sclerosis and chronic stroke. By 2011 he had done over 1500 such bone marrow aspirate treatments without any adverse or side effects and a considerable track record of impressive clinical responses. In light of this he began treating cerebral palsy patients including children (who weighed more than 70 lbs.) Naturally, Dr. Steenblock expected to see responses similar to or better than those he and his colleagues had documented with respect to umbilical cord stem cell treatments in Mexico. He was not disappointed as the responses of his pediatric CP patients to the bone marrow treatments consistently ran from good to stellar. Among the standout success stories is teenager Emily whose story is told in this videotaped segment: Click to watch Emily (Many more CP patient accounts can be found at and in the additional information section following the conclusion of this article). 

During this time scientists in various countries carried out studies that underscored what Dr. Steenblock and his associates were seeing. Among them:

The University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston carried out a phase 1 or safety study involving children with traumatic brain injuries (TBI). As part of this, ten children with severe traumatic brain injuries (aged 5-14) were given intravenous drip infusions of stem cells from their own bone marrow. In the months that followed none of the children showed any problems connected to the stem cells and, in fact, all of them showed significant improvements. Click to read a news release concerning this 2011 study.

Other lines of research revealed that bone marrow stem cells produce a host of powerful proteins called growth factors that actually stimulate stem cells that reside in the brain to become new neurons! One of these is bone morphogenic protein 2 (BMP2). If you’d like to read a technical abstract on this just click this link. Other studies have shown that bone marrow produces more BMP2 than other sources such as cells in the peripheral blood.  So, bottom line — bone marrow stem cells are actually very “neuro-friendly” on many levels.

And, in a 2011 paper Spanish university researchers revealed findings that indicate that bone marrow derived cells (BMDC) placed in the central nervous system (CNS) of lab animals “demonstrate that BMDC mainly generate microglial cells, although to a lesser extent a clear formation of neuronal types also exists”.  

During late 2012 Dr. Steenblock decided to cut back on his clinical work so as free up his time to devote to coming up with newer, better ways to get people well and keep them well.  As part of this “life transition” he brought a highly accomplished physician,  Alexander Thermos, D.O., D.C., into his clinic and trained him thoroughly in his various clinical treatment methods especially those related to use of bone marrow aspirate.  Dr. Thermos has added techniques and angles to this that augment and in some instances magnify its healing effects many fold.

In medicine there are pioneers and real “firsts”. The UK article dubbed what the German doctors did a “first” which it wasn’t.  For those interested in genuine medical firsts, visit and or call the Clinic at 1-800-300-1063 from 9 am to 5 pm (Pacific Time), Monday through Friday.   



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What can hyperbaric oxygen & stem cells do? Check out Andrew Burkhart’s story on Positively Positive and find out!

Cerebral palsy turnaround story: January 17 NBC-12 news segment on Andrew Burkhart

How stem cells & the kindness of others helped Andrew Burkhart: Article & story from NBC 4 (Los Angeles)

UPDATE on Andrew: “Miracle in progress” reports Kellie Burkhart

NBC-12: “Kellie, the best stem cell doctor in this country is in California. His name is Dr. Steenblock”  

Patience, Determination, Perseverance: Melany (Melly) Geary writes about her stem cell turnaround (cerebral palsy)

60 Minutes (NZ) Stem Cell News Segment: “In Search of a Miracle”

VIDEO: Tim has cerebral palsy and found help at Dr. Steenblock’s Clinic!

When it comes to stem cell help for cerebral palsy…go with a winner!

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Mother and Daughter HuggingYou’ve undoubtedly heard or read something about the healing power of stem cells. What you may be unaware of is that our bodies have stem cells in virtually all its tissues (called “adult stem cells” or ASCs) which play a role in replacing diseased, injured or aged bodily cells. However, when an individual is hit by serious injury or disease his body may not be able to rally enough stem cells to turn things around. This is especially true when it comes to the childhood brain disorder, cerebral palsy (CP).

Of course, mainstream doctors and therapists do all they can to strengthen limbs and reduce disability but even so their best usually leaves CP patients and their parents or caregivers frustrated with the small gains and general lack of progress.  And this was pretty much the best that could be done until about a decade ago when a small number of pioneering doctors such as Dr. Alexander Thermos began treating CP patients with hyperbaric oxygen therapy and then later adult stem cells.

CP patients here in the US can get safe, legal treatments with their own bone marrow stem cells (No rejection issues). Case-in-point: A California clinic headed by Dr. Alexander Thermos has done over 1500 such treatments on children and adults during the past six years. And, since 2009 scores of children and young people with CP have been treated with results so consistently impressive that the patient’s own doctors characterize it as “a genuine medical advance” and the “future standard of care when it comes to the treatment of cerebral palsy”.

Here is just one CP patient success story from our bulging files:

Kellie Burkhart’s son, Andrew, 6, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy two years ago. She wanted to have her son treated with adult (nonembryonic) stem cells but was uncertain where to take him. She asked her doctors in Arizona and they told her the best clinic for this is right here in the US, namely one run by Dr. Alexander Thermos. With the generous support of friends as well as members of a church in Mission Viejo (CA), Andrew had a series of hyperbaric oxygen and stem cell treatments during the summer of 2011 and again in the summer of 2012. Andrew’s response was so incredibly profound that KNBC-4 came out to Dr. Steenblock’s Clinic and taped a moving news segment which aired on 8-15-2012 that you can access by clicking this link. Following this NBC-12 aired its own very informative, very moving segment on Andrew which you can see by clicking this link.  Blog updates can be accessed by clicking this link

Whether you or a loved one has CP or some other chronic condition or disease, you can learn more about the powerful bone marrow stem cell and other treatments being done by Dr. Alexander Thermos and his medial team by calling 1-800-300-1063 (9 am to 5 pm Pacific Time, Monday through Friday). You can also click this link and send Dr. Thermos and his caring staff a message.  They will get back to you as quickly as possible. 



CALL: 1-800-300-1063 ~ 949-367-8870

 Alexander Thermos, DO, DC









What can hyperbaric oxygen & stem cells do? Check out Andrew Burkhart’s story on Positively Positive and find out!

ANDREW BUCKHART - PRAY FOR ANDREWAndrew Burkhart is a little boy with cerebral palsy who has reaped tremendous benefits from various CAM (complementary-alternative medicine) treatments plus some leading edge care at Dr. Steenblock’s Clinic that has included hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) and stem cell-rich bone marrow aspirate injections. Two NBC station affiliates, channel 4 in Los Angeles and channel 12 in Phoenix (AZ), have run stories on Andrew’s journey to improved functioning. Now, Positively Positive has posted quite a powerful article on Andrew by his mother, Kellie Burkhart, which you can access by going to Make sure to check out the links at the bottom of the posted story.

The same treatments that have helped Andrew have also produced great clinical improvements in other children and young people with cerebral palsy, as well as folks wrestling with multiple sclerosis, ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), Parkinson’s disease, chronic stroke, and a host of other vexing conditions. You can learn more by visiting and also

In addition, free consultations are available. To secure yours, call 1-800-300-1063 from 9 am to 5 pm Pacific Time, Monday through Friday.


Cerebral palsy turnaround story: January 17 NBC-12 news segment on Andrew Burkhart

ANDREW BUCKHART - PRAY FOR ANDREWEarlier today (1-17-2013) NBC Channel 12-Phoenix aired a news segment update on Andrew Burkhart, the outgoing little boy with cerebral palsy who did hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) and a stem cell-rich bone marrow aspirate  (BMAC) treatment at Dr. Steenblock’s Clinic last year (and will likely do so again this summer). Here is a link to NBC-12’s story: 
If you’d like to read more about Andrew or donate money to help with his ongoing medical care go to
And, if you or someone you love has cerebral palsy, please let them know about Andrew and this news story. Then call 1-800-300-1063 (9 am to 5 pm Pacific Time, M-F) and set up a FREE stem cell consultation!   

Dr. Steenblock’s Clinic – The Road to Your Healing Starts Here!

When it comes to stem cell help for cerebral palsy…go with a winner!

The word is out: Children and young people with cerebral palsy who are treated at Dr. Steenblock’s Clinic are getting impressive improvements. What does Dr. Steenblock offer that other clinics do not? Hyperbaric oxygen, stem cells (treatment with a patient’s own stem cell-rich bone marrow in his Mission Viejo, CA. clinic  and/or umbilical cord stem cells in Mexico), and a host of other modalities. Of course, knowing how to use these — down to even knowing when to use them — makes a big difference. This is something Dr. Steenblock possesses in abundance thanks to years of research and hands-on clinical use.  Here is a simple analogy to help drive this home:  If leading edge medicine were a race he’d be a Lamborghini on a highway filled with Model T’s!

Among the many Steenblock cerebral palsy success stories are these:

Breanne Beals:

Andrew Burkhart:


If you’d like to know more about Dr. Steenblock’s stem cell-rich bone marrow treatment program he is offering no cost stem cell consultations.

To take advantage of the free stem cell consultation offer just call Dr. Steenblock’s Clinic at 1-800-300-1063 (9 am to 5 pm Pacific Time, Monday through Friday).


UPDATE on Andrew: “Miracle in progress” reports Kellie Burkhart

Kellie Burkhart’s son, Andrew, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy two years ago. She wanted to have her son treated with adult (nonembryonic) stem cells but was uncertain where to take him. She asked her doctors in Arizona who told her, “Kellie, the best stem cell doctor in this country is in California. His name is Dr. Steenblock.  

Hear Kellie recount Andrew’s story in an interview aired on NBC-12 (Phoenix) by clicking this link:

Also: Check out (GodVine) – “A Church Steps Up Huge For a Boy in Need” (NBC-4 Los Angeles news segment) – Over 24,000 views on GodVine


More PROGRESS for Andrew since bone marrow stem cell transplant and hyperbaric oxygen treatments this summer! Definitely STRONGER, FASTER (hard to keep up with these days) and he can now hop a few times on his LEFT foot if he is holding on to someone’s hands….he could never do that before! Hooray! Thank you, Jesus! Thank you everyone who helped us get these important treatments for Andrew! Thank you prayer warriors!! So exciting to have a front row seat to this miracle in progress! :) ~ Kellie



If you’d like to know more about Dr. Steenblock’s stem cell-rich bone marrow treatment program he is offering no cost stem cell consultations.

To take advantage of the free stem cell consultation offer just call Dr. Steenblock’s Clinic at 1-800-300-1063 (9 am to 5 pm Pacific Time, Monday through Friday).


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