March 27, 2017

Sugar contributing to 35 million deaths annually say experts. Dr. Steenblock offers a healthy alternative.

For over four decades Dr. David Steenblock has been warning that use and abuse of sugar was fueling a whole host of health issues. Many naysayers denied this and denigrated Dr. Steenblock for sounding the alarm.

Sugar linked to 35 million deaths annually

In the February 2 issue of the prestigious journal, Nature, Robert Lustig MD, Laura Schmidt PhD, MSW, MPH, and Claire Brindis, DPH, colleagues at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), argued that sugar is contributing to 35 million deaths each year and should be regulated much as tobacco and  alcohol is.

In a February 1, 2012 ScienceDaily article it is noted that “sugar’s potential for abuse, coupled with its toxicity and pervasiveness in the Western diet make it a primary culprit of this worldwide health crisis.”

 An alternative to sugar

 One sugar alternative that Dr. Steenblock suggests is Stevia which is extracted from Stevia rebaudiana, a species of the Stevia family of plants native to various subtropical and tropical regions such as South America. It has been used as a sweetener in Paraguay for centuries and in Japan for many decades. Here in the US it is sold as a nutritional supplement.

 What other secrets does nature hold?

 Dr. Steenblock has been researching and working with herbs and compounds derived from them that slow and even reverse many chronic health conditions for decades. If your doctor has turned you into a walking drug store in his attempt to manage your medical problems and you’d prefer gentler, less side-effect laden methods you owe it to yourself to do a consultation with Dr. Steenblock. To arrange this all you need to do is call his clinic at 1-800-300-1063.

 And make sure to visit Dr. Steenblock’s other websites such as,,, and     


 University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) (2012, February 1). Societal control of sugar essential to ease public health burden, experts


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