March 27, 2017

Anti-Aging Secrets with Dr. David Steenblock

Ever wonder the secrets of anti-aging? Watch Dr. Steenblock’s video where he discusses some of the tips and tricks to anti-aging. Watch here:



Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) – There is Hope!

Good news! There is now HOPE for ALS patients.

Dr. Steenblock has discovered some innovative and amazing tips and tricks to treat ALS patients.

If you want to learn more about how you can help treat ALS today, then watch the following video. Call our office today for further information, 1-800-300-1063.



Alex Sees Amazing Results Treating Cerebral Palsy with Stem Cells!

Our patient Alex came to Dr. Steenblock & Dr. Thermos for stem cell treatments to help treat his cerebral palsy. Watch his testimonial here and find out how he was able to go from a wheelchair to using a walker, have improvements with his speech, coordination and much more!


Patient Sees Incredible Results After Suffering from a Stroke, Heart Attack and Atrial Fibrillation!

Treatment for StrokeWe had a 55 Year old Male in the office a few months ago that had previously developed problems with his Heart – after a Heart attack, he developed a ‘Rhythm’ problem (Atrial Fibrillation) with his Heart as well, and as a result of the new issue he created a blood clot in his heart that went up into the Left side of his Brain, causing an Ischemic Stroke.  He now had 3 Major problems to deal with – his previous Heart Attack, the Heart Rhythm Problem (Atrial Fibrillation – he is now on Coumadin), and then the Stroke which left him with some Right Sided weakness, most profoundly in his Right Arm which was rendered essentially useless to him.

After getting nowhere further in Physical Rehabilitation, a couple of years later he called our office with the hope that Stem Cell Therapy could help him.  He fatigued easily, had no function of his Right Arm and had problems with his Right Leg ‘weakness’.  Our workup showed that he also had a significant amount of Heavy Metals which he was able to Chelate (taking some oral capsules to purge his body of the Heavy Metals), and some significant problems with his GI tract.  The GI problems would affect his absorption and would definitely create problems with the Stem Cells if we had just given them to him.  Instead, we placed him on a low Carbohydrate diet, some Pro-Biotics, and an oral Anti-Fungal prescription.

He came to the office hopeful – and we performed an Autologous (self)  Bone Marrow Stem Cell Transplant with him.  He went home and diligently worked in therapy.  I had spoken to his wife today – and she said that he made great progress in his stamina, and his Right Arm has made great strides with movement and strength.  Motion at the wrist / hand was greatly improved, but there is still residual weakness in the movement / grip of his fingers.  He’d made tremendous progress!

He will continue with therapy (which he had failed BEFORE the Stem Cell Transplant) to work on his Arm and Leg.  He is continuing with the Stemgevity (to stimulate further Stem Cell production) and the Pro-Biotics.  Once he ceases to make further progress, we may again pursue further BMSCT therapy – as it has given him so much hope and progress.

It’s stories like this that are so ‘heartening’, for someone to work so hard and make progress after being told “. . . nothing further can be done . . .” he now looks forward to the years ahead and have a better QUALITY of life in the future.

Check out the CHRISTIAN POST story on clinic stem cell success story, Andrew Burkhart

Perhaps you have come across news magazine or TV segments concerning Andrew Burkhart, 6, who has cerebral palsy and how he has benefitted from treatments with hyperbaric oxygen and his own stem cell-rich bone marrow done by Dr. Steenblock (2011, 2012) and Dr. Thermos (2013).  If not, you should check out a story on him that appeared on 9-16-2013 in the CHRISTIAN POST at



Nota bene: Dr. Thermos operated as a flight surgeon on an intermittas muneris in facultate basis in the USAF. He was never certified a flight surgeon.

Out of treatment options or just need better ones?

Girl Holding PlantDr. David Steenblock has practiced medicine for over 40 years and has devoted his career to trying and testing various combinations of therapies and treatments to elicit a healing response in patients who by-and-large are saddled with intractable and even terminal medical diseases and conditions that were not responsive to conventional medical treatments, or were for a time and then ceased being so. Among the many things he has tried in various forms and combinations down through the years are hyperbaric oxygen (He was among the first doctors in the world to try HBOT on acute stroke. It worked fabulously!), heavy metals IV chelation therapy, low fat diets to halt and even reverse coronary artery disease (since 1966 actually), and most recently the harvesting of patient’s own stem cell rich bone marrow and then its infusion back into their bodies by primarily intravenous (IV) means.   

The treatment regimens Dr. Steenblock prescribes are sometimes expensive and typically not covered by insurance or such.  Not surprisingly some patients go into treatment having filtered out all Dr. Steenblock’s admonitions and caveats concerning the experimental nature of their agreed to course of treatment, then complain bitterly if their treatment results do not measure up to what they thought or assumed was supposed to be the case.

 You might be tempted to say, “Well, why do this out-of-the-box medical stuff anyway? It sounds like a high risk-low return sort of thing. Why not leave this sort of work to researchers in major universities and government funded institutions?” The simple fact is that many medical discoveries and innovations would not have seen the light of day of it were not for individual practitioners “doing their (experimentation) thing.” In fact, it is no secret that many original medical ideas and trailblazing new spins on treating disease begin with a single doctor’s “tinkering.”

In Dr. Steenblock’s case, he has accrued some sometimes impressive case histories of turnarounds that involve novel off-label treatments and combinations of treatments (Click to access informational & patient testimony videos on YouTube). Many of his regimens produced profound clinical improvements that were subsequently replicated in many other patients with similar medical issues, while in some instances only a subset of patients got better (Something possibly linked to shared genetic features among those who did respond favorably.) He has also come up with some unique spins on the cause of some chronic diseases, something informed not just by his keen powers of observation and decades of medical experience, but also by years he spent working as a pathologist (Pathologists being “medical detectives” who are experts in figuring out the “who done it” behind causes of disease and death.)  

And like all research-oriented clinicians or experimentalists, Dr. Steenblock has had his share of non-responders. He has also had treatment approaches he devised bomb out. In such instances he has revised and retested them. Those that did not produce results no matter what, he abandoned.

Starting in February of this year (2013), Dr. Steenblock began reducing his clinical load in order to take part in stem cell R & D work going on at his namesake nonprofit research institute (Steenblock Research Institute) in San Clemente, CA.  As part of this shift in his focus Alexander Thermos, D.C., D.O., affiliated with his clinic and was trained by Dr. Steenblock in his many innovative techniques & procedures including use of stem cell-rich bone marrow (aspirate).  You can watch a brief (6m10s) video on Dr. Thermos including his education and military service (former USAF officer & flight surgeon*) by clicking this link:

If you have a medical condition or chronic disease that has not responded to conventional or standard medical care or has but your doctors tell you no more improvements are likely to occur, who will you turn to (Clinical trials notwithstanding which are great though many people find that do not meet inclusion criteria)? Doctors who will likely tell you the same thing you’ve been told previously? Or should you see medical innovators such as Drs. Steenblock & Thermos who do the sort of informed “in-office experimentation” that history shows is a crucial driving force in producing genuine medical progress?

If you are ready to discuss your health situation with true medical pioneers, call toll free 1-800-300-1063 from 9 am to 5 pm (Pacific Time) Monday through Friday or email

* Dr. Thermos operated as a flight surgeon on an intermittas muneris in facultate basis in the USAF. He was never certified a flight surgeon.



Dr. Thermos shares stem cell healing insights at the Cancer Control Society, Dr. Steenblock at Seattle Pacific University


 Here at Dr. Steenblock’s Clinic our doctors are, well,…busy. That is, they are not only busy helping patients and coming up with new healing regimens & methods, but they also share what they learn with fellow medical professionals as well as the public. Here are some recent examples:

Dr. Alexander Thermos spoke on “Stem Cells & Cancer” at the Cancer Control Society’s annual convention in Los Angeles (on Labor Day, no less). The CCC will make available a DVD of Dr. Thermos’s presentation at some point in the near future, so keep an eye on their website for this at

In addition, clinic founder Dr. David Steenblock will be speaking at the Chronic Disease Research Foundation’s (CDRF) annual meeting at Seattle Pacific University September 6-8 (2013). Here is a link to the conference website:

If you’d like to benefit from the insights & innovative clinical work of Drs. Steenblock & Thermos, call toll free 1-800-300-1063 from 9 am to 5 pm Pacific Time Monday through Friday. Or shoot them a message by clicking this link and completely and submitting the on-line form: You can also email the doctors at



Reversing frailty & aging with Dr. David Steenblock (FREE video)

In this brief video hear Dr. David Steenblock talk about reversing frailty & aging: FREE TALK - DR. Steenblock on frailty & aging (August 23, 2013)

Learn about stem cells & healing by listening to Dr. Steenblock on “Top Alternative Doctors in America” (KFNX 1100 Talk Radio)

stem cells from poweredtemplatesInterested in safe, legal stem cell treatments done in the US? Physician and stem cell treatment expert Dr. David A. Steenblock tells you all about it.

What about things that release your own stem cells and promote their activity like specific herbal blends, hyperbaric oxygen and special forms of pulsed electromagnetic therapy?  Dr. Steenblock explains how his clinic uses these things and much more to promote stem cell healing & restoration in sick folks.

Maybe you’ve heard that young people respond to stem cell therapy and older people do not, but do you know why?  Dr. Steenblock explains how growth factor levels in young v. old are responsible for this, and lays out how he and his clinic crew increase growth factor levels in older people which helps them heal up like younger folks.

Curious as to what diseases and medical conditions respond best to stem cell treatments? Dr. Steenblock shares what he has learned over the past decade of being involved in stem cell medicine.

RADIO - FREE IMAGE - 3You will get detailed answers to all these questions and a whole lot more by listening to Dr. Steenblock’s 52 minute interview on KFNX 1100’s Talk Radio program “Best Alternative Doctors in America” which you can access by clicking this link:

Once you click the link you’ll see a “Download File” screen. Just click “Open” and listen!


Video look at Dr. Thermos’s background & passion for healing

















Nota bene: Dr. Thermos operated as a flight surgeon on an intermittas muneris in facultate basis in the USAF. He was never certified a flight surgeon.


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