March 27, 2017

Reversing Parkinson’s disease now

Parkinson's disease and stem cellsReversing Parkinson’s disease now

Recently research teams in South Korea and at Harvard Medical School (Belmont) in the US carried out some compelling experiments that showed that stem cells created (induced) from various body cells in mice that were then implanted in the brains of animal models of Parkinson’s disease produced clear benefits. The scientists created the stem cells by direct delivery of 4 reprogramming proteins fused to a cell penetrating peptide into various somatic (body) cells including newborn fibroblasts (A technique discussed in this paper.) This groundbreaking research is laid out in this brief lay-level article that appeared on the ScienceDaily web site on May 16 (2011):  Stem Cells Reverse Disease in a Model of Parkinson’s Disease (Those who wish to peruse the full paper should click this link. )

Naturally, it will take many years for this line of work to move from the lab to the clinic. However, stem cell therapy for PD exists now — here in the USA — at Dr. David Steenblock’s Clinic. Dr. Steenblock has, in fact, made many inroads in understanding the players in PD and reversing the underlying pathology which you can learn about by accessing these free on-line articles and presentations:

Parkinson’s disease (StemCellMD.Org)

California doctor pioneers promising new Parkinson’s disease treatment (Examiner article)


NOTE: Dr. Steenblock is offering consultations today! If you’d like to know what your own stem cells can do for Parkinson’s disease call Dr. Steenblock’s Clinic at 1-800-300-1063.

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