March 27, 2017

Dominican Republic government to close stem cell clinics

stem cell treatmentsDominican Republic government to close stem cell clinics

Those of you have kept up with this and other blogs that touch on stem cell matters know that the X-Cell center in Germany ceased taking patients recently. Readers interested in learning more can do so by clicking this link (UK newspaper article.)

Now comes word that the government of the Dominican Republic “has moved to close several less-than-reputable stem cell clinics and ban untested stem cell procedures. Health Minister Bautista Rojas warned two weeks ago that he will direct regional health officials to directly notify the centres that the procedures are banned. Rojas told Dominican Today that he will seek to stop the stem cell treatments until they are authorised by the Bioethics Health Council, whose members said two weeks ago that they were concerned about the treatments. They noted that the methods were not scientifically proven and that their effectiveness in humans is unknown.”

You can read the entire article by clicking this link.

Obviously folks thinking of having a stem cell treatment in either Germany or the Dominican Republic must look elsewhere. If you happen to be in this boat you will logically want to zero in on a program that is legally bound to observe the highest medical standards and is subject to regulatory oversight. Many overseas stem cell programs claim this applies to them when it fact it doesn’t. This article will help fill in some of the proverbial blanks in this regard:   Foreign Stem Cell Treatments: How to Avoid Being Scammed 

But why go abroad at all when alternatives exist right here in the US? Specifically, Dr. Steenblock’s Clinic in Mission Viejo, California where over 1,000 legally sanctioned stem cell rich bone marrow transplants have been done during the past seven years; a clinic where physician and stem cell expert David Steenblock and his stem cell savvy medical team insist on making sure that things that interfere with stem cells have been identified and dealt with prior to each stem cell treatment; a clinic that takes into account the fact that the stem cells in the bone marrow of older people tend to be devitalized which they deal with by doing a unique series of treatments that helps purge the marrow of these (This promotes their replacement with healthy, robust new stem cells.) Then and only then are stem cell rich tissues harvested and given back to patients using very safe, approved medical methods.

In addition, Dr. Steenblock’s employs a through head-to-toe (Whole body or wholistic) approach with each patient that is based on his 40+ years of experience doing results-driven CAM (complementary alternative) medicine. Nothing is left to chance.

If you’d like to talk to Dr. Steenblock about your particular health challenges or needs you can do so by calling 1-800-300-1063. Dr. Steenblock is offering consultations today.

Don’t put your call off. If you are pressed for time or just prefer written over oral communication click this link and shoot Dr. Steenblock a message.

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